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BONIDE Products LLC Snake Stopper™ Snake Repellent

BONIDE Products LLC Snake Stopper™ Snake Repellent


The Snake Stopper by Bonide is the perfect house guard from snakes, lizards, iguanas, and other reptiles. The formula used to create the granules does not act as a poison, and it will not harm the animals. It is safe to use this product around areas where children play as long as it is used as directed. It is perfect for keeping out reptilian animals as the scent deters them and keeps them away from the area. This product works on poisonous snakes, but do not attempt to touch or interact with the animals directly unless you have been properly trained to do so.

  • Repel snakes from lawns, gardens, campsites and more
  • People & pet safe, when used as directed
  • Ingredients trigger the escape/avoidance instinct in snakes
  • Strong scent, which snakes avoid
  • Powerful scent repellent that snakes avoid
  • Dust 4 lb shaker container

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